Monday, January 22, 2007

Wake County Homebuyers Seeking Value Should Consider NE and Eastern Wake County:

NE and Eastern Wake County is where you will get more house for your money and see fast growing home appreciation.

Keep These RTP Real Estate Market Conditions in Mind: The I-540 beltway has just opened from US 1 (Capital Blvd) to the 264 by pass. This is allowing for much development to grow in that North East/East corridor of Wake County. You will see property values in that area soar because commuters now have much faster and easier access to Research Triangle Park.

The property values have been somewhat depressed in the Knightdale, Wendell and Zebulon areas because of the traffic bottlenecks and travel time from those areas. Opening the 264 by pass was great for commuters from those areas but they still had to go in to I-440 to get to RTP and go around the South side of I-440. Now from the intersection of I-540 they can cut off many miles from their commute to the West side of Raleigh and RTP.

The property values had already started increasing with opening the 264 By Pass but now you will see a rapid increase in home values as people discover this area and the good deal you can get in that area. Now is the time to take a serious look at the Knightdale, Wendell, Zebulon and the N. East corridor of Wake County.

Rolesville and Wake Forest have been hot spots for a few years with the anticipation of I-540 opening. Their popularity and development is continuing at a furious pace.

To date much of North East Wake County has been overlooked by many RTP homeowners as a very desirable area. All that is rapidly changing, with good schools opening and many new shopping areas popping up every where. Shopping is convenient to almost any where you would live in these areas.

Eastern Wake will not be far behind NE Wake with schools and shopping as people learn about the 264 and 540 traffic benefits. And with that will come appreciation in home values.I recommend that Wake County Homebuyers seeking maximum value and appreciation consider the emerging NE and Eastern Wake County areas for their next home purchase.

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