Thursday, August 23, 2007

Triangle Real Estate Market Update

Are You Considering Buying a Home in the Triangle Area of North Carolina?

The Triangle Real Estate market continues to be a Seller’s market with increasing appreciation of property values. Home building continues to be very active with no indication of slowing down.

The Triangle is made up of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. All three of these areas are very distinctly different communities with their own individual personalities. If you are planning to purchase a home in the Triangle area you may want to evaluate each area to see which of the communities fits your lifestyle and the needs of your family.

Many people are relocating for employment in the Research Triangle Park (RTP). There are also a large number of people retiring to the Triangle because of the quality of life and access to health care.

Real estate prices in Chapel Hill are the highest per square foot of the three areas. Raleigh and Durham home prices are comparable to each other. Chapel Hill home prices are averaging around $280,000. Raleigh’s average price is around $260,000.

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