Friday, March 6, 2009

Commercial Real Estate Properties Going Green in Raleigh

raleigh real estate going greenIncreasingly, there is more demand for environmentally-friendly working and living spaces in the U.S.. Fittingly, the cutting-edge technology firms of the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina are leading the way through innovative design and eco-engineering. The following article, taken from the Triangle Business Journal, highlights the efforts of America's largest center for technology development.


As the epicenter of innovation and cutting-edge technologies, Research Triangle Park is pushing for a more “green” environment, both inside its buildings and across its 7,000-acre expanse.

Liz Rooks, executive vice president of the Research Triangle Foundation, which oversees the park, says zoning and environmental best practices have changed dramatically in the last 50 years.

With the opening of the Wake County portion of the park, the RTF worked with North Carolina State University to design a master plan with a heavy emphasis on protecting the ecology, she says.

Environmentally sensitive land was identified and declared off-limits for development. Steep slopes were clearly marked out, and existing vegetation was retained to prevent erosion.

Despite the nation's housing slump, Raleigh real estate remains in steady demand due to the unique combination of high-tech businesses, world-class colleges and universities, and advanced medical facilities. Efforts on behalf of the Park to "go green" only add to the appeal.

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POASCH Commercial Real Estate said...

I hope going green really catches on. However, I think people need to, and will, focus more on the benefits to the environment and less on designations.
Real Estate planning and sustainability is critical to all cities and towns. Especially Commercial Real Estate sicne it is where we spend most of our time- work, play.